National Key Laboratory Of

Scinence And Technology On Micro/Nano Fabrication

New  Materials  Joint

R & D  Center  of  Shanghai  Jiao  Tong

University & DC Suzhou


      DC SC & TECH is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research & development, manufacture & preparing, sale of high quality Graphene, as well as the development and application of downstream products.

      DC SC & TECH has set up a technology center of 2,000 square meters, including the experimental center, paint laboratory, battery laboratory, conductive laboratory, thermal research laboratory and composite materials research room,with top academic research and technology development team, master the core technology of graphene preparation and application to produce and provide the world's leading ultra-large size, ultra-high monolithic rate, ultra-high purity graphene solution, powder products, and high-quality graphene substrate, moreover based on the high quality Graphene, DC has developed  the world's leading graphene Thermal film, heavy-duty coatings, graphene battery materials, composite materials, etc. With the operation of the production base, DC can produce 100 tons of graphene substrate products each year.

DC (Suzhou)
New Materials Science and Technology Co.Ltd
Tel:0086 512 65907889
    0086 4009 2828 60

     DC is devoted to create a world leader in graphene technology R & D and industrial applications. By strategic joint alliance with key research institutions both at home and abroad, and continue to introduce accomplished academic and engineering talents, extensively integrated with various industries products R & D and production processes, DC is aimed to achieve product improvement and upgrading, promote the large-scale industrialization of graphene application technology, promote the rapid development of economy.

       DC follows the advanced digitalized ISO9001-2015 quality management system. Taking the advantage of advanced technology, reliable quality and controllable costs, with its customers as the center, DC is dedicated to developing and producing quality products that meet various needs and assisting downstream enterprises to lead the industry.

     In order to make full use of advantageous resources, DC established a new material technology Joint R & D Center with world-class and China's leading university Shanghai Jiao Tong University; shared the human resource,experimental facilities, academic achievements, social and market resources with heavily invested national micro-nano laboratories, form strong alliances

to realize the rational allocation of resources.

     The mission of DC is to forge ahead and create a better future with our customers. The goal of DC is dare to take the responsibility of being the mainstay of creating material wealth and to serve the people of the world with wisdom.

Professor Hu
State Key Laboratory Of Micron / Nano
Processing Technology Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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